‘What’s Past is Prologue’ [Behind the Scenes #3]

Podcast Metamorphosis

[Harry: This is Part 3 of our ongoing series, Behind the Scenes. You can get caught up here with Part 1 – Choosing the Labyrinth and Part 2 – What is Life Without Growing Pains? to get the full story. I would not be doing what I’m doing right now if my brother didn’t start a … Read more

What Is Life Without Growing Pains? [Behind the Scenes #2]

[Harry: This is the 2nd in our Behind the Scenes series from our rockstar Project Manager, Sara] It is more important to show what you are really like at a given point in time than to try and be perfect.  A few weeks ago I video-chatted with a 12th grade girl that didn’t know I … Read more

Choosing the Labyrinth [Behind the Scenes #1]

Series 1.1

There is something about moving four times in one year that really makes you want to get rid of everything you own and start from scratch. It’s a really cool feeling when something that for so long was a romantic ideal, becomes the thing you are trying to do. When I decided it was possible … Read more

Are You a Slurper or a Sipper?

Are You a Slurper or a Sipper?

Kon’nichiwa! In case you haven’t figured out what I’m referring to… it’s soup! I just shared an extremely tasty bowl of ramen yesterday at what is arguably one of the best ramen places in Los Angeles, Silver Lake Ramen. This was an overdue lunch with my amazingly open-hearted friend, Tiffany. She and I first met … Read more

Mike Cherman: Learning from Your Mistakes and Executing on Your Ideas – Episode 1

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/podcastjunkies/Episode201_20Mike20Cherman20of20Chinatown20Market.mp3″] The Recap In our debut episode of CEO’s Wear Sneakers, we sit down with fashion and graphic designer Mike Cherman of Chinatown Market and talk about how he got started in design, the incident that was the catalyst for starting his now defunct reflective apparel brand, ICNY, and the harsh realties of entrepreneurship. … Read more

What You Need To Do Before Launching Your Podcast

What You Need To Do Before Launching Your Podcast

Interested in fictional storytelling? There’s a podcast for that. How about politics? There’s a podcast for that. Business and finance? Comedy? How about health and wellness? You guessed it–there’s a podcast for that. Podcasts are everywhere and gaining enormous popularity. If there is a subject you are interested in, chances are there is a podcast (or dozens) … Read more

Why You Need To Use A Calendaring Tool To Schedule Your Podcast Guests

FullCast Calendaring Tool

When booking guests for your show, finding a time that’s good for both of you to hop on SKYPE for an interview can often turn into a dreaded game of email tag. Using an online calendaring tool to manage your schedule effectively makes you look like you have your act together.  Leveraging a tool that has … Read more