Because everyone has a unique voice that needs to be heard by your intended audience!

When you want a perfect blend of inspiration and information designed to motivate your audience, delivered with through engaging storytelling and hands-on tactics, Harry delivers!

Keynote Speaking, Q&A, Fireside Chats, Interviews, Workshops

With an engaging mix of tactics and story, Harry’s talk will not only inspire but move audiences to take immediate action.

Harry will energize, motivate, and inspire any group of people you put in front of him. Even though he is incredibly smart, his mission is driven by his heart, empathy and kindness.

Matt Marr

Podcast Movement Host

“I have seen Harry speak and was really impressed with the content he packs into his presentation. I was so impressed I had him moderate a panel for me and have booked him as a presenter at my next conference in 2018.”

Chris Krimitsos

Creator, PodFest

Listen closely, because (Harry's) knowledge of his subject matter is only eclipsed by his enthusiasm for helping others achieve the success he has through podcasting!”


Pat Quinn

Founder, Amazing Presenters Conference

Podcasts / Summits / Digital Training

Have a podcast, summit or other digital platform with an audience where you need captivating yet actionable content? Having hosted his own podcast for over 3 years and having been on podcasts, summits and webinars, Harry makes for an original guest that over-delivers to hosts and audiences alike.