Podcast Description

There are several opportunities in Apple Podcasts or any podcast directory to convey to your audience exactly what the show will be about. The most obvious of these is the cover art, and rightfully so, as first impressions are still paramount. But it's also important that you get the title and description right as well. By choosing the right keywords you'll let potential listeners find and connect with your show. The description needs to cover the following:

  • Who you are and why someone should listen to what you have to say.
  • Why you created the podcast.
  • How you can provide value to them to your targeted audience
  • What benefits listeners can expect to get from your show every week.

Below are 3 examples from our current clients, which you can use as a jumping off point to create your description.

Angel Investing Podcast

Tatyana Gray is on a mission to assemble an elite group of angel investors. If you love nurturing break-through ideas, discovering cutting-edge technologies, and meeting fascinating people, then you're in. If you believe that putting your money where your mouth is will improve your community, your country, and the world, you're in. And since they don't teach angel investing in college, Tatyana will help you learn how to invest in startups by interviewing many of the top-notch angel investors on this show.

Innovation Ecosystem

Join us, as we interview remarkable and thought-provoking guests about innovation, leadership and change in the world of business. Whether you are an executive or an entrepreneur, our objective is to help you and your organization create an entrepreneurial culture, become more innovative, and better able to respond to change. We do this by deconstructing world-class performance from the arenas of business, academia, science and sports. Each week Mark Bidwell and Roddy Millar will bring you key insights, fresh perspectives, and proven tools you can use straight away to make you more successful professionally and personally. Full show notes available at InnovationEcosystem.com

Wealthy Wellthy Life

Let's get to the truth of the matter. Can you live without money? Or your body? Yet, how tough is it to find time (and good help) for managing wealth or wellth? Let's make it infinitely easier to care for these 2 essentials of a rich life. Let's cut through misguided, popular beliefs to get straight to the unconventional, bleeding-edge truths. You don't have to waste any more time on your quest for the good life. Introducing The WealthyWellthy Life podcast. Where the good life starts.