An overview of what we provide with our customized Setup, Launch, Production & Marketing services. Depending on our business' unique needs, we'll customize an offering best suited to produce a show specific to your brand.

Podcast Launch Service

Our full-service, done-for-you podcast launch service covers all aspects necessary to ensure a quality podcast production.

✍️ Positioning

Discuss show goals, frequency. Equipment, software review to ensure confidence in creating a professional show flow.

🎨 Artwork

Custom artwork & weekly episode templates create a professional brand and consistent look & feel, increasing listener engagement.


Follow-up coaching call/visit. Setup, testing equipment; optimize recording space. Ensure total comfort with all setup aspects from Day 1.

📰 Format

Review of interview format, questions, show flow, and coaching reinforces and demonstrates the professionalism of the show.

🍏 Apple Podcasts

Setup hosting, establish show feed with Apple, submission to all current podcast directories provides a rock-solid hosting and widest visibility possible.

🎬 Podcast Trailer

Professionally recorded “Episode Zero the voice and providing the script ensures professional audio- branding.

🎨 Social Media

Custom artwork & weekly episode templates create a professional brand and consistent look & feel, increasing listener engagement.

📁 Cheat Sheets

Customized cheat sheets for you and for your guests, which ensures no steps are missed before and during podcast session recordings.

🔊 Audio Branding

We work with you on the creation of your show's unique audio signature. This includes music, voiceovers and guidance on an effective Call-To-Action

🚀 Launch + Production

Full produced episodes are published to your site and social media profiles. For each client we create a Social Media Plan for client approval.

Podcast Production + Marketing

✂️ Editing

We provide guidance on how to record the best quality audio, then mix in your custom intros & call-to-action. Full audio editing and mastering. Simply share the file with us via a shared folder once it's recorded.

🔗 LinkedIn

Each episode is promoted on your LinkedIn company page with a preview of the episode audio, episode recap and subscription links. Increases LinkedIn engagement.

👩‍🎨 Artwork

Custom artwork created per episode using a high-quality headshot of your guest, creates a branding experience to promote more sharing.

🐙 Repurposing

Syndication of episodes to popular podcast directories and podcatchers, including Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, etc. Increases SEO and makes episode more widely available.

👩‍🍳 Publishing

Full episode posted to your company website, SEO-optimized, with embedded player. This provides your business with consistent and regular content, which builds your brand and authority.

🗣️ Social Media

Social media posts scheduled daily the week of episode launch, programmed into weekly rotation, allowing for maximum reach of the episode and sharing options for the guests.

📜 Transcription

Full episode transcription with summary, time-stamped takeaways, tweetables and website links increases SEO benefits & social media sharing.

📩 Email Templates

Email draft sent to your inbox the morning of the episode launch, allows easy engagement for guests. Allows you to promote sharing of the episode.

🙌🏽 Consulting

Ongoing consulting and periodic reviews scheduled on a regular basis to review show progress and adjust production and marketing as required.

📆 Reporting

Weekly report downloads and reviews, allows easy monitoring of engagement. Ongoing weekly coaching