Podcast Booking Strategy

Our custom podcast booking strategy is designed to ensure the best placement on the most relevant shows for your target market. 3-month minimum.

Strategy Overview

3 one-on-one strategy sessions designed to focus your message and mission. We assess where you are right now, where you want to be, what you need to do, and how we can get you there.
During our discovery session we’ll delve deep in to your expertise, topics, and where you sit in regards to your competitors. We’ll pinpoint what your target audience really wants so you can successfully differentiate yourself and deliver.
In our strategy session we will set you up with the best possible positioning for you and your brand. We’ll work on crafting your hot topics, hooks & headlines, and quotes. We’ll develop your show-stopping stories so you can adapt for multiple audiences.
Our final one-on-one session is all about implementation. You’ll walk away with a detailed personalized strategy, custom designed one-sheet and a 30-day action plan.


  • Strategy Blueprint
  • Custom designed One Sheet
  • 30 Day Pitch Plan

Session 1 – Discovery

We'll review your messaging, as well as your expectations as to how you are being perceived by your audience. We define who you are talking to and what they really want. We'll drill down into the most interesting thing about you, what sets you apart, an what stories will stand out to podcast hosts.

Session 2 – Strategy

We work with what we uncovered in the Discovery session and start to outline your perfect pitch and overall podcast guest strategy. We work with you on how to best position you as an expert and package your expertise to craft copy that is irresistible to hosts. We’ll reframe your expertise into clickbait headlines that actually deliver.

Session 3 – Implementation

Your One Sheet design will be presented for final approval and we’ll sign off on the cop. We then review your entire blueprint page-by-page so you’re clear on your personalized strategy. As a bonus we also provide a few secret extras from client-only resources and training guides.