Podcasting For Thought Leadersâ„¢

An exclusive invitation for the “action takers”.

Since 2014, I have had the honor and privilege of speaking to over one hundred amazing podcasters as the host of Podcast Junkies. I've also been extremely blessed to call podcasting my full-time job, as the founder of FullCast, our full-service done-for-you podcast production and marketing consultancy.

I've learned so much about how to launch and promote a successful podcast using the pillars of Deliver, Connect and Influence.

Recently, I've thought, what would be the best way for me share what I've learned with my clients?

Here's the thing:

I believe that every successful entrepreneur has a message that needs to be communicated to listeners who want to hear their voice and want to be inspired to take action.

If I could break down the components of a successful launch and the key ingredients to maintaining a regular schedule, then even those with little-to-no experience podcasting would be successful!

So, after weeks of hemming and hawing (can someone please tell me where that phrase came from?), I've compiled all of the core ideas, strategies, tips and tricks on how to successfully prep, launch, market and promote your show.

It's called Podcasting For Thought Leaders

(here's a sneak peek)

The promise of this pilot course is straightforward: you will LAUNCH your podcast. You will become a podcast AUTHORITY. You will build a tribe of ENGAGED LISTENERS. You will learn how to consistently PROMOTE your show, week in, and week out.

I'm piloting a full version of the course, which includes 6 weeks of content, including weekly live Q&A calls, from March through May 2017.

use coupon code “fullcastpftl50”

That's 3 months of live interactive coaching with me on how to prepare, launch, market and promote your show, establishing yourself as a solid podcast host, and delivering your message on a regular basis.

I'll be working with you, providing you with support and feedback as you progress through the course. Over the next few months, you'll be surprised at how easily you can grasp and implement these concepts.

Okay, I'm going to be totally transparent. There are NO guarantees of thousands of downloads, and there is a reason for that. While I can give you my best stuff, if you don't execute it, then you can't be surprised when no one subscribes to your show.

It will take consistent and dedicated effort on your part.

Are you up for it?

Don't worry, that's what I'm here for.

I’ll be launching this program at full price in June and starting the pilot on March 13th, 2017. The next few weeks will be a time for finalizing the course, and for that I need your help.

Pilots Needed

If you're reading this, it's because starting a podcast has been on your mind for some time now.

If you're reading this far, then you're likely thinking that I can help you launch and market your show, become a consistent podcaster, and most importantly, share your message and story with your target audience.

If that sounds right, then I'd like to make you an offer:

I need at least 30 people on board for this introductory course in order to test out my curriculum and get some amazing testimonials from folks like you.

Private coaching with me starts at $3,000.

This 6-week program will allow me to serve and reach an entirely new audience. I'll be able to help more beginning podcasters launch and market their show the best way possible.

During my career at JPMorganChase and E-TRADE, I managed and led teams, with a focus on getting the best out of my employees. It's that same mindset that I'm bringing to this training. I learned a ton about different teaching styles and understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.

All of this experience will be reflected in the 6 modules of the course. It is why the training is a mix of hands-on worksheets, over-the-shoulder screen-shares, and instructive course material.

Podcasting For Thought Leaders is intended to go above and beyond. It's covers everything I know, A-to-Z, and is loaded with my personality and experience.

So my offer is this:

No matter where you are in your podcasting journey, and no matter how much you think you don't know about technology, podcast hosting, editing, social media, promotions, or guest engagement, I can help.

As far as the details, there will be 6 modules, with multiple videos within each module. Each one represents a step in your podcasting journey, and will build on the previous modules as you go deeper into the course.

Some modules are longer than others. Others will leverage interactive worksheets, so it's not just me talking at you. As long as you take immediate action, week after week, I guarantee you will make progress.

I will be there to support you every step of the way with group calls that will take place every week. I will be occasionally teaching some new points or diving deep into one of the modules, but I'll also answer all of your questions and customize the answers to your specific needs.

That's it!

use coupon code “fullcastpftl50”

Well, for the most part.

If you're familiar with how most of these courses are sold, then you may be expecting a long-form sales page, or a 3-part video series.

Nope, none of that here.

My hope is that I'm speaking here to an audience that is already somewhat familiar with me, my podcast, or my experience.

What I do have though, is an expiring offer. Those familiar with copywriting may recognize this as leveraging the ideas of urgency and scarcity. My idea is to convince you that now is better than later.

If you wait until June, you will pay full price.

If you pre-enroll today, you will pay HALF price.

If you wait until June, you will not get any 1-on-1 private time with me on the phone (or Skype).

If you pre-enroll today, you WILL get private Skype time with me.

Here's a testimonial from one of my first clients:

Harry not only took me on a step-by-step process of the technical part of getting set up for my podcast, but helped me learn how to make the show fit my brand with a professional cover image and a professional voice over introduction. I was able to make it into iTunes New and Noteworthy within 4 weeks of launching. – John Livesay

I'm really honored by those words, and I don't take that trust in me lightly.

If the idea of signing up today—without seeing all 6 modules explicitly laid out—makes you nervous or anxious, then please DO NOT sign up.

If you feel that you trust me, and that you are confident that NOW is the time to start your show, and that I can help you get there … then I recommend you do it TODAY.

Who this is not for

This is not for you if you have NO idea what your podcast is going to be about…

…if you can't be consistent,

…if you are not an action taker,

…if you don't follow instructions well,

There are plenty of free videos you can search for on podcasting and browse through at your own convenience. And if you never take ANY action, no one will be the wiser.

This is not that type of course.

What's next?

Here's what happens next, just a few items. You pay below and secure your spot.

Once payment is confirmed, I'll send you a link for a 15-minute chat with me about your podcast plans.

If I don't get enough of a response to run a full class, or can't deliver the course as promised, I'll refund you the entire amount back.

Money back guarantee?

Yes, no questions asked. Valid until end of April.

I'm in, now what?

To sign up, click below:

use coupon code “fullcastpftl50”


Email course@fullcast.co. I’ll be in touch.