Submission Policy

We are a growing company and continue to have the privilege of partnering with new clients. With this in mind, the spirit of FullCast must remain the same – premium level customer service, and high-quality production. In order to maintain that level of service, we do require a little help from you.

To consistently maintain your schedule, we would need your raw episode elements submitted to Dropbox/Trello eight (8) business days prior to release. In the event that doesn’t happen, we are forced to adjust everyone’s schedules accordingly. From editing, show notes, transcription, graphics, episode distribution (via website and podcast directories) to quality control – this can create a complex situation for all. Once we are in production mode, the policy below is in effect.

FullCast Content Submission Policy:
Show content* is to be uploaded to our FullCast shared folder for editing eight (8) business days (Monday-Friday, 8am to 3pm PST) prior to the release date as determined by the client. In the event that FullCast does not receive show content in time for editing, a comment will be posted in Trello/Slack/Gmail by the production manager and a notification will be sent via to the client and the production team. The production manager will adjust the task and reschedule production to the following week. All subsequent releases will be adjusted accordingly.

Should the client want to have their show released on the original determined date, the client must notify the production manager. The production manager will secure the production team and a “rush fee” of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) will be applied. In the event that late content has made achieving the release date impossible, the production manager will present alternatives to the client.