Why FullCast?

If you're not a podcasting expert, how can you possibly be expected to know where to start, what equipment to buy, how to set it up, how many episodes to record, what format to use, how frequently to podcast, where to host your show, how to edit the audio, how to embed the ID3 tag, when to submit to iTunes, what your website should look like, what social media platforms to promote on, where else to re-purpose my content, the format of my show notes, how to prepare my guests, how to follow-up with my guests, how to engage my listeners, how to create my Call To Action, what my call-back and open-loops need to sound like, the importance of my transcribed audio, where to look for podcast exposure, what directories to submit my show to, how to create a One Sheet?

That's why FullCast doesn't just offer piece-meal podcast services. We've researched the podcasting industry for year. There are currently over 250,000 podcasts in the iTunes directory, and depending on how successfully you launch and market your show, you alone will determine where your show will rank in that list.

If you want to create a meaningful podcast that increases value, speaks to your ultimate prospect, positions you as the subject matter expert in your field, makes you pre-eminent, then you need to take this seriously.

If you want to create a ‘fun' show, or do this as a ‘hobby', that is great! But you need to be clear on that distinction. And we would be more than happy to point you in the direction of several trusted partners who can help you launch your baby.

But if your needs are unique, you are confident in the message and the value you provide for your audience, your listeners, your prospects or your tribe, then you need to fundamentally shift the way you tackle this endeavor.

That's why we provide a done-for-you service, tailored to your specific needs. What's important to realize is the YOU ARE NOT A PODCAST EXPERT. That's extremely clear for one important reason.

You're still reading this copy.

Here's the thing. YOU DON'T NEED TO BE. Apologies upfront for the the annoying use of all-caps, but I've attempted to do so sparingly, and to make a point. There is a small percentage of tasks of which you are, without a doubt, the expert at. As my coach Taki Moore likes to say, that is your GENIUS.

It is that unique IP (Intellectual Property) that sets you apart from everyone else in your field. It is that thing that you do better than anyone, and that people regularly pay you top dollar for.

Don't confuse that with those tasks your ‘excellent' at. You know which ones I'm referring to. Those things that you're ‘pretty' good at, and if were forced to, could do pretty well. They are also the tasks that end up taking you 4 hours, when a real ‘Genius' could have done it in 15 minutes.

No need to beat yourself up about it.

Although, the quicker you can get those tasks off your plate, the more mind space you will have towards figuring out how best to attract prospects that need your Genius.

That's where we come in. We handle every single task related to the Setup, Launch, Production, Marketing and Promotion of your podcast. ADD LIST