Authority Videos

Why are authority videos important? They let you have the frequency of blogging without having to think about what to write every week. A video is your voice, your unique expression. Check out the example below:

FullCast – 3 Podcasting Tips

Ready to get started?

Our Authority Package allows to upload 4 videos per month, at up to 5 minutes each (final edit length). Similar to the example above, your branding intro will be inserted at the beginning and end of the video.

Each video can have up to 3 points you would like to highlight. The video can be submitted as one raw file, which we will edit to your specifications.

For a limited time, this Early Bird pricing includes the creation of the Motion Graphics.

Authority Package – Setup

Do you just need the branding animation?

If you you're simply in need of a motion graphic to embed in your own videos, you can purchase the Intro Package. This will provide you with both a 2-second file for your intro/outro and 1-second video which you can use as an insert.

$150 – Intro Package