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The Successful Pitch

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This week we are featuring The Successful Pitch podcast founded and hosted by John Livesay. The podcast is once per week and features investors who share their criteria for what makes a great pitch as well as successful entrepreneurs who have received funding. The show features guest from Australia, Israel, London and Switzerland as well as the US. John co-hosts a private Facebook group with Judy Robinett of all the guest where they get to network and put deals together. Read the press release here.

John takes a deep dive with his guests to find out their path to success as well as learning the insights that allow listeners to be inspired, entertained and informed. From learning how to build your network, how to overcome the fear of failure to lessons learned from a lunch with Warren Buffett, the guests share valuable insights that show founders what is needed to be successful. Most importantly, listeners learn how to pitch by becoming storytellers and get in the 1% club of people who get funded.

John's vision is to show founders how to become master storytellers to get their startup funded fast with the right investors.

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