The Ultimate Guide On How To Start A Podcast

How to Launch Your Podcast

The Ultimate Guide On How To Start a Podcast has been in the works for the past 5 years. The steps outlined here will walk you through the latest and greatest information available. Now granted, there is no shortage of information on how to start a podcast. However, not all of it is good… or … Read more

001 Welcome to This Week in Podcasting

Transistor.fm on Baremetrics


Podchaser Creator Pages


Infinite Dial 2019


First-Ever Podcast Creative Test Gives Brands a Playbook to Drive Branding, Messaging, Reputation and Call to Action


Entrepreneur Magazine's History Of Suing Entrepreneurs For Using The Word Entrepreneur Gets More Attention


Podcast cross-pollination: 6 lessons from a hacker podcast episode swap


Apple Podcast Connect's terms of service


Why Podcasts Are Perfect For This Advertiser


Pandora's Approach to Podcasting Is What Sets It Apart in the Industry



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Can you talk? (RIP, Joan Rivers!)

Can we talk?

Ready? After hosting 160+ episodes of Podcast Junkies, I can certainly understand the anxiety that might come from planning for interviews – especially if your guest hasn’t been on a lot of shows. Setting yourself up for a successful interview comes down to planning appropriately. With that in mind, here are some clear guidelines for … Read more

Get Yo’ Face in Front of Other Faces!

Get Yo' Face in Front of Other Faces!

Get out of your shell! Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Nothing like a conference full of 700 podcasters to help you find out. Last week, I spent an awesome 3 days with some amazing podcasting peeps at the Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando. Yes, conference season is picking up again and … Read more

What’s the value of your friendships?

What's the value of your friendships?

Big hug! How’s your week going? You know that feeling that happens when you meet a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Well… you get a big-old grin on your face and you’re just plain happy for hours afterwards. It’s a good thing to do and something I’ve been more conscious of lately. This … Read more

The 2019 List of Tools and Resources We Use At FullCast

The Complete List of Tools and Resources

Here at FullCast, we are a huge proponent of working productively and rely on a wide range of tools, services and equipment to keep things running smoothly (most of the times). This is the complete list of those tools and resources. Some of these make our life easier, while others make it easier for our … Read more

How To Improve Your Audio Quality

How To Improve Your Audio Quality

Abracadabra! Every one wants to wave a magic wand and learn how to improve your audio quality. Whether you’re a first-time or veteran podcaster, listen up. A lot of times we make things more complicated than they need to be. Improving your audio is one of those things. In the beginning, we’re so crazy about … Read more