The Ultimate Guide On How To Start A Podcast

The Ultimate Guide On How To Start a Podcast has been in the works for the past 5 years. The steps outlined here will walk you through the latest and greatest information available.

Now granted, there is no shortage of information on how to start a podcast. However, not all of it is good… or reliable for that matter.

As Host of Podcast Junkies since 2014, I have interviewed over 200 of the most fascinating podcasters and podcast luminaries in the podosphere (OK I may have just made that word up).

Podcast Junkies

During that time, I have learned a lot about what it takes to successfully launch, produce and market an authority-building podcast.

Now granted, podcasts have been around since 2004-ish (Wikipedia can help you sort out the specifics). But what is incredibly interesting is the rate at which these shows are being added to Apple Podcasts.

My Podcast Reviews

Source: Daniel J. Lewis https://mypodcastreviews.com/stats

I thought it would be helpful to provide some of the basics here to save a bit of time. After that, we'll dive into tools I like.

How to Start a Podcast – Plan & Position

To start off, use SEO best practices when naming your show. We recently helped create a show for a client recently who coaches photographers on how to start their photography business.

Therefore, we didn't overthink things and called it Photo Business Help. I know, go figure. Don't underestimate the SEO power of a podcast name. No cute names unless you have crazy visibility.

Photo Business Help

Photo Business Help Podcast

Use tools like Canva to help you create compelling artwork. Keep it simple. Sans serif fonts with high-contrast colors work really well. (see Podcast Junkies above)

One of the most important considerations is where to host your podcast. There's no shortage of incredibly reliable hosts to choose from. The main consideration should therefore be to go with a reliable host who's been around for a while and has a strong customer base.

LibsynBlubrryPodbean, all fit the requirements. Personally, I'm a fan of Simplecast. The name says it all.



Let's Talk Gear

Yes, I know. There are dozens of microphone recommendations. So I'll keep it simple.

Above all, the #1 recommendation I make when it comes to gear is the Samson Q2U (available on Amazon USD $60-$85). The best part about this kit is that it comes with not only a tripod extender but a foam windscreen. No pop filter needed.

Samson Q2U

It's a dynamic mic that sounds great, has very little handling noise (when holding the mic) and comes ready to use with both a USB and XLR connection. USB is incredibly convenient when you're on the go. I routinely carry my Q2U in my bag when traveling.

Now naturally, there will be some of you who are ready to step it up to the next level and want to start building your own podcast studio.

Therefore, I can't say enough good things about the Shure SM7B. It's an industry standard mic for good reason, it just sounds great. One caveat, is that it is a gain-hungry mic, so I highly recommend pairing it with my go-to recommendation for sound cards…

The super-clean sounding Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I am grateful to the team at Focusrite for being a long time supporter of Podcast Junkies, and can't say enough good things about it.

Why Sound Matters

It has great pre-amps and provides precise control over your microphone and headphone levels. It's also the perfect size for your in-home studio.

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Now you might think I'm going to recommend a ridiculously expensive set of headphones to go along with this gear, but I have to admit I've been incredibly happy with these Sony MDRZX110 headphones. These are super light and collapsible, and only USD $15. Crazy, huh?

OK, now let's get to recording our interview, shall we?

This one's easy. I've had the honor of working with the team at SquadCast over the past few years as an Advisor and can easily say that it is the best way to record remote high-quality interviews.


How to Start a Podcast – Produce & Publish

If your editing the show yourself, use a simple editor like Hindenburg Journalist Pro. It's made for radio and podcasts.

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When your edit is done, run it through Auphonic to master and level it. They provide 2 hours free per month, which is fine for most shows!

Record your Episode Zero (or Podcast Trailer) and submit your show to Apple Podcasts to make it official. They'll be asking you for your RSS Feed, which you get from your podcast host (see above).

Now you're ready to add your show to all the available podcast directories. This is key. There are so many destinations where your show can be found and it's critical that you be found on every single one of them.

Thankfully, my friend James Cridland, Editor of Podnews has put together this incredibly useful resource, How to add your podcast to every podcast directory.

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You also want to make sure your show credits are listed properly on Podchaser. It's the “IMDB of Podcasting”. And not only the show(s) you host, but those on which you've also appeared as a guest!

They're the best place to send listeners to rate and review your show since they're creating partnerships with many of the popular podcast listening apps.

How to Launch Your Podcast - Podchaser

Podcast Junkies on Podchaser

You don't want to overlook YouTube. I know a lot of podcasters don't think posting their audio-only podcast there is a great idea, but there's one stat that you can't ignore. It is the #2 search engine after Google.

So while it may not be where your episodes will be listened to in their entirety, it's totally possible that it will help it be found. Here's an example of a recent episode of Podcast Junkies, with Colin Morgan, Host of the wildly popular The Daily Grind podcast.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLqFc3Sk7tc[/embedyt]

How to Start a Podcast

Promote & Profit

🌐 OK. Time to create a site to promote your podcast. Naturally, you want to have a good looking website for your show. On of my favorite themes is from the team at Sonaar.

🎬 You always want to think about ways to repurpose your podcast episodes. One of the best ways to do this is to grab 2-3 audio snippets when editing and create 90-second audiograms using an audiogram creator like Headliner.

How to Launch Your Podcast - Headliner

These ‘movies' can then be posted on your Instagram and Twitter Feeds. Bonus if you embed the captions as well since 80% of mobile users have sound off as a default.

Here's one we created for a client recently.

🙊 If you're in need of a transcription, definitely check out tools like Descript (had a couple of great chats with the founder and former CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason on Podcast Junkies), Spext and Otter.

🖊️Configure your email signature using a tool like WiseStamp to display your show's RSS feed dynamically with new episodes.

✉️Send an email to EVERY SINGLE guest once their episode is live. Make sure you attach the artwork and audiogram you created and make it as easy as possible for them to share.

Taking It To the Next Level

Use clicktotweet.com to create hyperlinked copy that the guest can simply click to share to Twitter. Again, we're trying to make things as easy as possible.

Ask yourself: “What's the ONE thing I want a listener to do as a result of listening to this episode” That's your Call-To-Action (CTA)

Create a video to show listeners EXACTLY how to subscribe, rate & review. My friend Addy Saucedo does this perfectly here.

Research which podcasts would be good for you to appear on. Create a One Sheet that you can give to podcast hosts (see Canva above). Mine provided here as an example.

How to Launch Your Podcast - One Sheet

Tailor the questions in such a way that when you're asked, you can easily seed your current programs or offers: “When I was working with my client…” or “In my membership area recently…”

There are several services book you on a wide variety of shows. These include Interview Connections, Talent Squad, Interview Valet, and more. Make sure you have that One Sheet ready!

How are you social profiles looking? Have you maximized ever inch of real estate they provide you (for FREE)? Check out this post on optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

In other words, do your best to have a decent presence on the major social channels. For our clients, in addition to LinkedIn, we promote episodes on their website, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

The Final Touches

Are you building a loyal base of super-fans? Give them an easy way to support the show using a tool like Glow.fm. They make it really easy to create a private feed for your fans and allow you to contribute regularly.

I had a great conversation with the Co-Founder Amira Valliani on Podcast Junkies. She shared how passionate the team is about helping podcasters monetize their show through an engaged audience.

And as your show grows, look to engage an agency like True Native Media to help with your sponsorship!

In conclusion, remember that you're not alone.

I'm Here to Help

Would you like a hand launching your own authority-building podcast? Maybe it's time we had a chat…

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